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Our Mission: To promote and support the use of self-directed services to empower
individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve purposeful and
fulfilling lives.

  • Every person, regardless of disability or socioeconomic status, has the right to a self-directed life.
  • All individuals can self-direct their programs given appropriate supports.
  • The participant is always the team leader.  All team members must work together to ensure that the participant’s unique strengths, needs, and desires are reflected in the person-centered program.
  • CMS (The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) guidelines permit flexibility and participant choice/control of services, thus allowing participants real budget and employer authority.  Maryland’s HCBS Waivers should reflect those principles as well.  



Your Life, Your Choice

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Self Direction FAQs

1. What is Self-Direction (SD)? Self-Direction is when a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) makes their own decisions about how their Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) funding is allocated: You select the kind of...

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SDAN Video – “Self-Direction & the Good Life!”

Self-Direction & The Good Life: Many Lives, Many Choices Video funded by SpArc Tank Grant from The Arc Maryland Register Here!! SDAN received a grant from The Arc Maryland to make two videos: this one and another one coming soon to help recruit staff. The Arc's...

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More Lives, More Choices!

Carol’Ann Alphin

Carol’Ann Alphin

Carol'Ann's life is enriched by enriching others.  Having Down Syndrome has never kept her "down", because she enjoys cheering others "up". Often, after many of her personal contacts, she exclaims " I think I made their day! "  Or better still, someone says...

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