Giving Back

 Life is good for Patrick when is comes to “adulting.” Over the years, he demonstrated an interest in a variety of physical activities, organizational tasks, and volunteering in his community. Since leaving the public school system, he has helped to hire his own staff, which helps him get to do what he loves everyday.

Patrick loves to be active! In order to put that energy to work, we set up volunteer work at a variety of trails and nature centers, where he maintains the environmental integrity of the paths by picking up trash and small debris.  While a staff member is always there to guide him, it gives him independence, while enjoying the great outdoors.

 Patrick is also a master organizer. The library is one of his favorite places, so, he is now a volunteer at multiple local branches. He returns DVDs and CDs to the shelves, restocks the patron research stations, and used his love of alphabetizing to assist the staff with office organization.

Giving back to his community is part of his mission. He helps at a local food pantry, is a greeter at a historic mill and nature center, shreds documents for friends and family, takes out his neighbors’ trashcans, and does household chores.

The self-directed program allows Patrick the freedom to customize his schedule based on his interests and needs. Whether that means dining in or out with his staff, or enjoying some of his hobbies, such as ice skating, swimming, bowling, or going to a playground. He also enjoys therapeutic horseback riding and participating in the Special Olympics track program.

Since graduating from public school about 7 years ago, he has had the opportunity to try many different experiences with the guidance of a variety of staff. We have the ability to tailor his individual schedule and make changes for his personal benefit. The self-directed program has been the best of everything for Patrick and he is living his best life.