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As of 7-28-2020: Contract Still Not Awarded! Keep Watching this Space. THANK YOU to current FMS providers for keeping our programs running during this contract uncertainty and during this national health emergency! We would love to see you to remain a choice as FMS providers! Choice is KEY to self-direction! SDAN will continue to advocate for FMS provider choice in Maryland.

DDA Responses to Questions:

You are unique! Self-direction gives you flexibility to choose the mix of supports and services that are right for you so you can live the life you want. YOU choose your services, the staff, and a schedule that works best for YOU. \

You are unique! Self-direction gives you flexibility to choose the mix of supports and services that are right for you so you can live the life you want. YOU choose your services, the staff, and a schedule that works best for YOU.

You are unique! Self-direction gives you flexibility to choose the mix of supports and services that are right for you so you can live the life you want. YOU choose your services, the staff, and a schedule that works best for YOU.

Live The Life You Want

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Our Mission: To protect Participant Choice and Control of Services.  

We accomplish our mission in the following ways:
1. By acknowledging and respecting that each participant is the center of the service plan and
that all participants are capable of self-directing his/her program with varying levels of supports.
2. By recognizing that the participant is the leader of the team, and all other members work to
ensure that his/her interests, desires, and goals are reflected in the service plan so that each
participant is able to develop their potential, experience meaningful interactions in their
communities, and live joyfully.
3. By recognizing and promoting the inclusion and formal involvement of family members, or
other advocates chosen by the participant, in the provision of direct services and other supports
throughout the lifetime of the participant when this involvement reflects the desire of the
participant and is in his/her best interest, as determined by each participant and his/her team.
4. By informing the larger community, including government administrators and elected
officials, about the nature and benefits of true self-direction.
5. By advocating for participants’ right to individualized and genuinely person-centered plans,
including unique and outside-the-box thinking without arbitrary and unnecessary restrictions not
otherwise part of CMS guidelines and regulations.
6. By working cooperatively with Maryland’s DDA, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid
Services, and elected officials to use resources wisely and to maintain and improve services for
Self-Directing participants.
7. By providing a platform where self-directing participants and their families/advocates can
celebrate achievements; arrange formal and informal social gatherings; learn about issues that
affect self-direction options; share resources; exchange information and ideas; and work together
to solve problems.

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Carol’Ann Alphin

Carol'Ann's life is enriched by enriching others.  Having Down Syndrome has never kept her "down", because she enjoys cheering others "up". Often, after many of her personal contacts, she exclaims " I think I made their day! "  Or better still, someone says...

Lucy Carter

Lucy has severe epilepsy and cognitive impairments. Lucy is living her dreams!She averages between 2-4 seizures each day and has too many other health issues to enumerate. Just staying vertical and reasonably healthy is a challenge for both Lucy and her family. Lucy’s...

“Rockie” Davis

Out and About & Scary Movies! My name is Bobbie Renee Davis but everyone calls me Rockie. Because I am self directing I have a one-on-one (that is also my friend) and a van so I can do anything I want. I love living at home where I can workout with my own weights...

Patrick Good

Giving Back  Life is good for Patrick when is comes to “adulting.” Over the years, he demonstrated an interest in a variety of physical activities, organizational tasks, and volunteering in his community. Since leaving the public school system, he has helped to...

Ryan Gerhold

My Life, My Choices My History:  Meningitis at 9 months left me brain damaged resulting in OCD, Anxiety, Seizures, ADD and moderate intellectual disability. MY LIKES: My girlfriend and going out with her Movies, Restaurants, Concerts, amusement parks live shows...

Nick Hoyas

Enjoying the Journey Nicholas changed to self direction just over a year ago. It has been a great change for him overall. He transitioned to self-direction from a traditional day program (his second)  and an agency Residence.  It was clear he was not...

Cameron Khan

“Necessity is the mother of invention” In the year prior to my son’s graduation in June of 2013, I visited or talked with all 27 adult providers offering adult programs to Montgomery County residents. Our son was turned down by each and every one of them, leaving us...

Molly Levin

Adapting to an Ever-Changing World      Molly has been an active participant in her Self-Directed  Services program for over 6 years now. This has been a blessing for a young lady whose challenges necessitate ongoing  modifications ...

Andy Maerzke

Well-being Andy  has been in Self-Directed Services since 2013.  He now is much healthier and happier! The day program we chose when he exited the school system turned out to be quite a failure.  Many people  who go there are indeed  happy and...

Julia Miller

The Best Mistake We Ever Made: Julia Miller is a student, a gardener, a paper crafter, a community volunteer.  She has goals for her life and is committed to pursuing them.  She wants to be able to make her own decisions based on what is important to...

Nicky Mineart

A Life-Saver  My name is Alvin Nicholas Mineart, Jr. Everyone calls me Nicky. I am 23 years old; my birthday is in March, and I live in Columbia, Md. Self-Directed Services has been a life-saver for me!  When I was in school, I did everything: classes, after...

Gunnar Adkins

Forrest "Gunnar" Adkins credits Special Olympics,  and some caring friends and teachers for ” bringing me out of my shell” and teaching him to reach out to others. He credits self-direction for helping him to pursue a vocation and to continue reaching out.   Gunnar...

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SDAN Video – “Self-Direction & the Good Life!”

Self-Direction & The Good Life: Many Lives, Many Choices Video funded by SpArc Tank Grant from The Arc Maryland Register Here!! SDAN received a grant from The Arc Maryland to make two videos: this one and another one coming soon to help recruit staff. The Arc's...

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